The map above shows Mason’s unique restaurants and workout amenities, as well as 242 acres of parks with 20 miles of bike paths, tennis courts and softball diamonds. In addition, a state-of-the-art workout and wellness facility, the Mason Community Center, is within the heart of Mason.

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connected-always-on-CliffTurrell-horizontalIn Mason, connectivity means a lot of things. It’s about being connected to a corporate community with shared ideals and best practices. It’s about working in a wired environment that is “always on” for maximum productivity. It’s about being closely connected to the thoroughfares that connect you to the culture and night life of nearby urban centers.



Centrally-located between Interstates 71 and 75, the City of Mason provides residents and employers quick and convenient access to the region’s best amenities. Employees of a growing number of Mason-based companies, their customers, and our residents can easily and quickly access Interstate arteries for some of the most direct and efficient roadway designs in the region. And with an average drive time of 20 minutes from popular destinations in the urban core, Mason boasts of a reverse commute with less traffic and faster drive times.

Planned Infrastructure Improvements Support Regional Growth

Located in Mason, Western Row Road is a key access point along the I-71 business corridor. This popular destination for recreation and business is an important hub for economic development and job creation. An increasing number of businesses and residents are calling the Western Row Road area home.

A regional partnership of transportation planners and engineers, elected officials and local jurisdictions is working together to plan and implement transportation improvements to accommodate Western Row Road’s growing development. The Western Row Road improvement projects will increase mobility, improve safety and expand access to business and recreational destinations such as Kings Island in the area. This regionally-supported transportation initiative will further a thriving, inspired community.

Solid Environmental Practices

The City of Mason is committed to green corridors and green planning. Mason’s 301 acres of developed parkland provides passive and active space for Mason residents and corporate citizens to engage in activities or relax, watch and unwind after a long day. Existing Mason streets are tree-lined to enhance the aesthetics of the community and provide tree canopy for users of the sidewalk and bike system. We even reuse water. Some water from our high-tech Water Reclamation Plant is used to irrigate the Mason Sports Park, as well as the Heritage Club Golf Course.

There are no environmental cleanups or restoration work being conducted by the City of Mason at this time. There are no nuclear plants, heavy industry or Superfund sites in the City.