Creative Focus

Creative Focus_Creative SpaceCREATIVE SPACE

The OakPark District is envisioned as a mixed-use development with a hotel, boutique café’s and shopping areas, urban styled structures and most importantly, creative open spaces. Whether your need is corporate strategic planning or gathering friends, the creative spaces in OakPark will provide a location for a truly unique experience.


Mason’s 301 acres of developed parkland provides passive and active space for Mason residents and corporate citizens to engage in activities or relax, watch and unwind after a long day. Existing Mason streets are tree-lined to enhance the aesthetics of the community and provide tree canopy for users of the sidewalk and bike system. We even reuse water. Some water from our high-tech Water Reclamation Plant is used to irrigate the Mason Sports Park, as well as the Heritage Club Golf Course.

Creative Focus - Bridge in treesPLANNED PARKS

A serene setting for a brisk walk or a collaborative session is envisioned for the wooded area around the OakPark District. We invite GE to be part of our planning process to define this creative outdoor space.

creativefocus-bikerBIKE AT LUNCH

A four-minute drive to the Little Miami Bike Trail, employees can get a workout in during their lunch break or after work. With 75 flat paved miles from Newtown to Springfield, you can pick your distance along the scenic Miami River. Mason also includes 20 miles of bike, hiking and running trails right outside the front door of the OakPark District.


A healthy workforce means productivity and creative energy. Mason brings customized wellness packages to corporate partners in ways that gel with their culture and bring fresh perspective and new ideas to the business environment. Mason would like to bring customized programming to you, with classes picked by GE workforce.