Service-Oriented Government

In Mason, we take a service approach to every interaction we have with the customers we serve. From the delivery of basic city services to our residents to economic development support for Fortune 500, startup companies and everyone in between, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of excellence.

Business-minded City Council

With a City Council comprised of businessowners and executives, our mindset is closely attuned to the needs of entrepreneurs and corporate partners. We understand that time is money and work to expedite government processes to support on time, on budget execution of corporate projects.

Bringing Public Private Partnership (P3) to a Whole New Level

We have taken a nonconventional approach to P3 in Mason. From developing our Mason Tech Center through a unique partnership with an expanding company to co-locating a rapidly growing bioscience company in our municipal building and Community Center, we constantly look for ways to intuitively support technology and innovation and grow our tax base.

Budget Approach

The City of Mason approaches its budget in the same manner that it provides its services – by providing the highest possible value to its residents and businesses. This is demonstrated in maintaining our Aaa rating from Moody’s Investors Services for general obligation bonds. Moody’s has described Mason as a city with medium-sized tax base benefiting from its location and economic role in the Cincinnati metro area; healthy financial operations supported by sound reserves and a diverse income tax base; and a manageable debt burden.

This conservative management approach with a goal of maximizing value is also reflective of its budget. The 2015 budget grew by 3% in the General Fund and 3% for the overall budget. The City continues to improve efficiencies, but has not cut services, implemented layoffs or curtailed expansion plans for financial reasons. The City is committed to provide the best services at the lowest cost to keep taxes at a minimum.